observation that such regulations are ?¡ãpresumptively lawful.?¡À

2014-02-14 11:04

The majority judges said this kind of requirement is not imposed on a constitutional right. Responsible, law-abiding citizens need not justify whether or not they are under an imminent threat for their safety to transport a gun for protection, the judges said.

The Second Amendment guarantees
for many years the ability to decide upon themselves if you should carry a weapon internet hosting is safety. At issue was whether gun control regulations in California and New York prevented citizens from exercising their Second Amendment rights.

real question is not regardless of if the California scheme (considering San Diego County?¡¥s policy) allows a lot of people to bear arms beyond the home every now and again at sometimes; instead, the question is whether it allows the typical responsible, law-abiding citizen to bear arms in public for the lawful aim of self-defense,?¡À wrote Appeals Court Judge Diarmuid O?¡¥Scannlain with the two-judge majority.

Gun owners challenged the Los Angeles permit process in federal court, arguing that they can should not have to prove they face an imminent threat with their safety to be eligible for a low profile carry permit.

County officials defended the concealed carry permit regime, arguing
the fact that Supreme Court to use landmark gun rights decision in 2008 said concealed carry restrictions were ?¡ãpresumptively lawful.?¡À

The high court observed
that almost all 19th-century courts that examined the issue figured that prohibitions on concealed weapons would not violate your second Amendment, lawyers for that county argued.