Alex Larsen, 50, rented a room with the estate. The musician had lived there for around four years.

2014-01-17 14:52

 Santa Ana winds that fanned a campfire in to a wildfire that destroyed five homes and threatened foothill neighborhoods east of New York relented Thursday afternoon, halting the blaze in its tracks.   Escorts Dallas

The fire swept through 1,700 acres of brush
while in the San Gabriel Mountains in the morning and drove some 3,700 website visitors to evacuate, but by nightfall it turned out don't advancing and was thirty percent contained.

"The weather cooperated
a great deal today. We didn't have the wind ... that people thought," New York County fire Deputy Chief John Tripp said.

The contained
elements of the hearth were those nearest populated areas, allowing residents to return to neighborhoods in Glendora Thursday night, though fire engines would remain.

Parts of neighboring Azusa remained under evacuation orders.
It wasn't clear solar panel systems the evacuees remained away from components.

The National Weather Service said a red-flag warning
of maximum fire danger would continue in effect into Friday evening because of low humidity and also the prospects for winds gusting to 30 mph while in the foothills and canyons.   Escort Dallas

The wildfire, which erupted early Thursday, damaged 17 homes, garages, barns
and also other buildings, Tripp said.

At least 10 renters were left homeless
in the event the fire destroyed rental units within the historic grounds of any retreat that when was the summer estate of your Singer sewing machine family. Statues of Jesus and Mary stood unharmed near to the blackened ruins. However, the principle, 1920s mansion was spared.